Cutting Edge Beans @ Artphy
5.08.23-22.10.23 ONSTWEDDE
Digestible is a group exhibition is dedicated to the protein transition. It presents new works by international artists Anna Dumitriu , Ana Kun / Dan Perjovschi, Marc Bijl, Mitzi Schreuder, Dasha Tsapenko, Nicole Spit, Maro Pebo, Danielle van Vree, Špela Petrič and Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries.

Role: participaiting artist
Commisioner: Artphy
Collaborators: Han Wosten, Parisa Yousef Doust, Malica Ferments
Location: Artphy, NL


Photocredits: Maria Kytaieva

Home(Land) @ Design Museum Ghent
23.03.23-30.04.23 GHENT
The pop-up exhibition Home(Land) shows Ukrainian stories using bio-based materials, and explores the connection between crafts and innovation. Several Ukrainian and Dutch designers studied old and new Ukrainian customs and rituals and (re)discovered authentic local crafts and techniques. With this exhibition, Design Museun Gent is temporarily back ‘home’ in the museum, in between two phases of renovation and expansion works. Home(Land) is presented in Hotel De Coninck, the old city palace on Jan Breydelstraat.

Role: concept, design, curation
Commisioner: Design Museum Gent
Collaborators: Marjo Van Schaik
Partaking designers: Basse Stittgen, Charlotte Visser, Dasha Tsapenko, Marjo van Schaik, Oksana Denusevuch, Ruslana Goncharuk, Sasha Popruga, Sietske Klooster, Stijn van Aardenne
Location: Design Museum Gent, BE


Photocredits: © Design Museum Gent
photo Anthony De Meyere

Growing Gunya @ Mediamatic
17.12.22-05.03.23 AMSTERDAM

Gunya is a Ukrainian traditional wool coat, originally worn by Hutsul shepherds in the Carpathian mountains. Providing physical protection from severe weather and animals, throughout the years it has carried a deep symbolic meaning, serving as an amulet for its owners. Using the classic shepherd’s coat as a template, we told stories of local materials, natural components and living organisms. The use of different cellulose and protein based materials in combination with natural dyeing techniques showed the ample variety of outcomes and possibilities.

Role: concept, design, curation
Commisioner: Mediamatic, Amstarrdam
Collaborators: Marjo Van Schaik, Ruslana Goncharuk
Location: Mediamatic, Amsterdam, NL


Photocredits: Justin Knelange & Jiyoung Lee

MYCouture @ Marres
25.11.22–28.11.22 MAASTRICHT

MYCouture combines manual yarn manipulation methods such as knitting, felting and tufting with research in microbiology, aiming to adapt these processes to the mycelium growth patterns. MYCouture is created in a partnership with non-human collaborator: Gilled Polypore Fungus. Fibers derived from Industrial Hemp processed in diverse yarn formats are offered to the fungus as nutrition, at the same time proposing it the growing direction. A capsule collection of grown garments, each representing a specific yarn manipulation method embodies a mutually defined relationship between a designers (knitter, tufter, felter, weaver, etc) and the growing fungus.

Role: partaking designer
Commisioner: Fashion Clash Foundtion
Location: Marres, Maastricht, NL


Photocredits: Laura Knipsael