Affair With Earth @ DDW 2019
19.10.19–27.10.19 EINDHOVEN
Affair with Earth was presented during 2019’s edition of Dutch Design Week, and brought together ukrainian designers to explore new sustainable materials. The works were showcased on surfaces completely covered by a green living ecosystem and investigated different sources of materials, local production, sustainability and ultimately, the relationship between man and nature. The five projects comprised of Terra by Yuriy Ryntovt, Re-Leaf paper by Valentyn Frechka, Hemp Fur by Devohome, Growing Fur by Atelier Dasha Tsapenko and Atomik Vodka by the Chernobyl Spirit Company.

Role: artistic director, partaking designer
Commisioner: Art East Art West
Location: TAC, Eindhoven, NL
Collaborators: Olga Bogdanova, Olena Oranska
Partaking designers: Yuriy Ryntovt, Valentyn Frechka, Devohome, Dasha Tsapenko, The Chernobyl Spirit Company


Photocredits: Annegret Boenemann