Home(Land) @  DDW 2022
22.10.22-30.10.22 EINDHOVEN

Millions of Ukrainians have been driven from their homes by war. The intimate relationship with their homeland was abruptly broken. What does that relationship consist of? What defines a home(land)? With these fundamental questions, the exhibition Home(Land) not only zooms in on the war in Ukraine but also on underlying themes such as: how important are traditions and heritage? What happens when war takes away this physical and tangible connection to a place and its people?

Dasha Tsapenko together with a team of Ukrainian and Dutch curators brought together designers from Ukraine and The Netherlands to explore these questions, based on the belief that new perspectives can be found in design. The results of this knowledge exchange demonstrate various sustainable and ethical design practices. Traditional crafts and techniques, local materials and innovative knowledge on bio-design and sustainable production processes are (re)discovered and connected.

Role: concept, design, curation
Collaborators: Marjo Van Schaik, Nazar Gresko, Fulco Treffers, Olena Oranska
Partaking designers: Anna Riabova, Basse Stittgen, Charlotte Visser, Dasha Tsapenko, Marjo van Schaik, Oksana Denusevuch, Oksana Devoe, Ruslana Goncharuk, Sasha Popruga, Sietske Klooster, Stijn van Aardenne 
Support institutions: BDO Eindhoven, Dutch Design Foundation, Embassy of Ukraine in The Netherlands, Embassy of the Netherlands in Ukraine, Rotary Club Netherlands, The New Block, Donations via Voordekunst Crowdfunding, Prince Bernhard Fund, Meta Looms, University of Utrecht.
Location: The New Block, Eindhoven, NL

-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXPwRTbRqqQ

Photocredits: Dominic van Buul