MYCouture @ Marres
25.11.22–28.11.22 MAASTRICHT

MYCouture combines manual yarn manipulation methods such as knitting, felting and tufting with research in microbiology, aiming to adapt these processes to the mycelium growth patterns. MYCouture is created in a partnership with non-human collaborator: Gilled Polypore Fungus. Fibers derived from Industrial Hemp processed in diverse yarn formats are offered to the fungus as nutrition, at the same time proposing it the growing direction. A capsule collection of grown garments, each representing a specific yarn manipulation method embodies a mutually defined relationship between a designers (knitter, tufter, felter, weaver, etc) and the growing fungus.

Role: partaking designer
Commisioner: Fashion Clash Foundtion
Location: Marres, Maastricht, NL


Photocredits: Laura Knipsael