Home(Land) @ Design Museum Ghent
23.03.23-30.04.23 GHENT
The pop-up exhibition Home(Land) shows Ukrainian stories using bio-based materials, and explores the connection between crafts and innovation. Several Ukrainian and Dutch designers studied old and new Ukrainian customs and rituals and (re)discovered authentic local crafts and techniques. With this exhibition, Design Museun Gent is temporarily back ‘home’ in the museum, in between two phases of renovation and expansion works. Home(Land) is presented in Hotel De Coninck, the old city palace on Jan Breydelstraat.

Role: concept, design, curation
Commisioner: Design Museum Gent
Collaborators: Marjo Van Schaik
Partaking designers: Basse Stittgen, Charlotte Visser, Dasha Tsapenko, Marjo van Schaik, Oksana Denusevuch, Ruslana Goncharuk, Sasha Popruga, Sietske Klooster, Stijn van Aardenne
Location: Design Museum Gent, BE

-> https://www.tendens.tv/2023/04/innovatie-traditie-en-oekraiense-verhalen-in-design-museum-gent/

Photocredits: © Design Museum Gent
photo Anthony De Meyere